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    Hydroponics, what is it? 
In its essence, it is the science of growing plants without soil, although now most hydroponic systems use a variety of inert material such as gravel, perlite, etc. as a porous plant support.

    Hydroponic growing has become a major player because of its ability to be used where the ground or climate in the region can't normally support the growing of plant life.  This can be a desert or even a space station, but hydroponic technology is used mainly by greenhouses and home hobbyists as a way of quickly raising plants to maturity. Because of hydroponics, the home hobbyist is now able to grow crops of the highest quality many times a year in a relatively small area.   There are many different facets to using hydroponics effectively and we will explain each area here in detail. See our hydroponic equipment specials of the month.

Hydroponic Supplies - Specials of the Month for Oct.
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